Frequently asked questions


Do you have a farm?

The short answer is No. We work with local and accredited farmers to source the freshest eggs in the industry. We take care of the transport and all aspects of the wholesale distribution to ensure we land the tastiest eggs to your table.

What is your minimum order requirement?

We are a wholesale distributor which means we work with bulk Qty’s. However we encourage anyone and everyone to get in touch and we can direct you to your local distributor or supermarket stocking our yummy eggs.

Why isn’t my egg poaching?

Eggs generally poach best in the first 10-14 days of lay. The eggs arrive to our distribution centre within 3-4 days after lay and then they are sent out immediately after that. This means we deliver the eggs with 5-6 weeks shelf life. Check the shelf life when purchasing your eggs and if you are buying eggs on a special (reduced price) there is a high chance they are nearing their best before date and that is the reason they are selling at a lower price. Eggs that are nearing their Best before date are best to use in a breaky scramble or use them to bake your favourite cake. We also suggest you cook your egg thoroughly and very well at this point.

Why is my egg white so watery?

Another characteristic that your egg may be nearing its expiry. The Egg white has a membrane which holds it together around the yolk. As the egg gets older this membrane begins to break down and it's loses its elasticity. Kind of like our skin as we age but in the eggs life this is far more rapid.

I just cracked my egg open and I got a double yolk, what the?

This is actually something that excites us at Sunrise eggs. Double yolks are most commonly found in our Jumbo 850g free range eggs. These jumbo eggs are laid in a local Victorian accredited and HACCP approved farm. The double yolks are a cause of a very happy excited new born chick. This happens in the early stages of the hens life as they are let out free to roam and so happy- thus they begin laying double yolks from their very excited adrenaline rush. Also double yolks are said to bring good luck 😊

How can you tell if an egg is fresh?

There are a few ways to test this however the easiest way is to crack it open, check if the yolk sits centred then it is very fresh and good quality egg. If the yolk splits we recommend discarding it as this is an indication of a spoiled egg. If you hard boil it and it is very difficult to peel this is a very fresh egg.

What is Liquid Egg?

Whole egg liquid is pasteurised and homogenised egg that is passed through a warm bath. The eggs go through a pasteurizing process in order to kill off any bacteria and salmonella and ensure a final safe product ready to use in baking, pasta, sauces and more. This same process is used on egg whites and yolks after they are separated. Liquid egg is a great alternative if your business uses large amounts in mixing as it eliminates the old school cracking method. There are some varying factors when it comes to shelf life, storage and care as supposed to shell eggs. Please get in touch with us to find out more.